Hey there! I’m Cooper. Do you have any upcoming projects that need video, audio, or photo work?
For me, capturing sound and visuals is more than just a way to transport the viewer back in time to a certain event, it’s also about creating something entirely new that cohesively meshes with the fabric of the original content. Adding clarity, revealing motion, bringing the viewer’s eye and ear to a place that wouldn’t be possible in the real world, creating something that transcends the boundaries of what’s possible in real time or real space.
I want to create a piece of media that not only shows off your work, but does so in a way that is a form of art in itself. Anybody can setup a camera and some mics and press record. I view it as my responsibility to never let a project turn into “just another video of a pianist”. I strive to achieve an end product that will captivate its audience and one you’ll be proud to show your clients, friends, and community.


Throughout my years of Waldorf education, I've gained an appreciation for art and an eye for beauty and detail. With my love of technology driving my work in visual media, I am able to combine my understanding of equipment and technologies with creative thinking to bring a comprehensive approach to capturing performances, events, and productions.


Out of all of the forms of capturing digital art that I've used, video is the one that has captured my interest and focus the most. The ability to capture all of the nuances of a performance in a fluid visual form is one of the most exciting forms of art to watch and to create. I have had the opportunity to film live concerts, promotional videos, product reviews, how-to guides, and short films. 

Let's work together to create a video that will captivate your audience and capture the detail of the moment.


Audio production is the field in which I have the most experience. I've had the chance to record a variety of bands and artists as well as write and record my own music. 
My goal is to capture audio in such a way that it transports the listener to a different place, putting them into the room with the musicians. Whether it's an Irish fiddle house concert or a full size orchestra, let me create a recording that will sweep you out of the present and let you become immersed in the music. 


I believe that a good understanding of photography is essential to build filming skills upon.

I love shooting a variety of subjects - urban, wildlife, portraits. Graduations, holidays, weddings - If you have a special event coming up, let me help you create a stunning set of photos to capture the beauty of the moment.