Tara Performing Arts High School

Candlelight Choir Performance

Mics: Matched pair Royer R-101, XY pattern

Preamp: Ayre P-5xe

Audio Interface: Ayre QA-9

Location: Pine Street Church sanctuary

Cooper Hansen

Demos & Stuff

  Here are several demos that I created using a mixture of virtual instruments, samples, and live recording. 

Cooper Hansen

The Lone Musician

  This album is a work in process of all of the songs I've written and recorded over the past few years. It got started when I recorded Soldiers of Our Minds in the summer of 2013 using a single CAD condenser and M-Audio pre and interface. Since then my knowledge and collection of equipment have grown - Paint Me a Picture was the most recent recording on this album, recorded in the winter of 2014/15 using Royer R-101s and an AT2020 along with a virtual piano and, unlike the previously recorded songs, live drums!  Stay tuned to the site for updates on this album - I have many more songs in the works that will eventually find their way onto the tracklist!

The Beeves

The Darktrack Recording Sessions

Last fall I got the chance to work with the incredibly talented Ian Erhart, Will Erhart, and Matthew Sease recording 5 of their original songs. 

The process spanned several months of scheduling recording sessions in our free time, and we all learned a lot about recording a live band. The Beeves wanted to play all of the tracks live, rather than overdubbing each instrument, so that they could feed off of eachother's energy and communicate the nuances of the songs while playing them. At first I setup mics for the drums, guitar and bass amps, and vocals, but after the first session we realized that the workflow would become dramatically easier if we laid down the instrument tracks first and then dubbed the vocals on top. 

I ended up using a Royer R-101 on each of the amps for the guitar and bass. For the drum kit I used a pair of AT2020's as overheads, an SM58 on the kick, and an SM57 on the snare. The vocals were recorded through the Royers.